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Introducing the new Noisli


We are so exited to tell you that we are launching today one of the biggest updates of Noisli since the original launch!

During this period, we received such an incredible amount of love and feedback that made it possible to continuously improve Noisli and develop it further, making every month tens of thousands of more productive and happy users.
Noisli-Save-And-Share We heard and collected each and every of all your precious feedbacks, and worked very hard to build the new Noisli platform with several improvements.

Save and Share your Favourite Combos

Not only you can create your wonderful Combos, you can now also save and listen to them whenever you like. Activate the sounds you want, save the combination you just created and it will be added to your Favorite Combos.

One of the most requested features was the ability to share your awesome creations so that also others can benefit from it. You can now share your combos by sending a link to your coworkers or friends or share them on your favorite social media. Noisli-Favourite-Combos


Highly appreciated on the iOS app, we have finally brought the Timer also to the web version of Noisli.
You can take advantage of efficient time management methods, such as the Pomodoro Technique, be more efficient and productive during your work or study sessions and prevent burnouts.
Don’t forget to activate the “Fade out” option to maximize your user experience and let the sound gently fade out without distracting you.

Text Editor

The Text Editor function allows you to pleasantly write in a minimal and distraction free environment, helping you to boost your efficiency and help you to focus more on what you are writing. You can simply save it as a Txt file on your computer or export to your DropBox or Google Drive account.
The Text Editor continues to support the Markdown syntax, a very easy and simple way to add formatting to your plain text like bold, italic, headers or bulleted lists.

Our goal is to always deliver the best product and experience, in order to be your best productivity companion throughout the day!

Enjoy all the benefits and new features of Noisli, go to Noisli and create your free profile!

— Your Noisli Team

Avatar photo Written by Sabine Staggl

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