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New Year, New Goals


A new year brings a lot of wishes, hopes but also plans to go further, do more and do better.


In order to help you achieve your goals, here are three things you should do and consider:

1. Write it down
Write down your goal or task and define it in What, When and How. Place it somewhere where you can see it so you will get reminded easily.

2. Self-discipline
It comes all down to actually do what you set in point one. Help yourself and make it as easy as possible to achieve it: write a reminder, be prepared and set the right environment to get yourself into the mood.

3. Motivation
All of this might not help, if you are not motivated enough. Keep the benefits and why you want to do this clear and visible in front of you. Let others know and share your goals so they can help you achieve them.

Happy New Year :)

Avatar photo Written by Sabine Staggl

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