8 tips for the best morning routine

8 tips for the best morning routine

Productivity Work-life Balance

A morning routine isn’t about getting out of bed and going with the flow. It’s about consciously designing and following a series of habits and rituals that best prepare you…

How to stop procrastinating


Procrastination can be challenging, especially when it gets in the way of achieving our goals, and it is more common than you think. But it is not impossible to manage…

Noisli Blog - Body doubling

Body doubling – how and why it works


Have you ever struggled to stay focused on a task? Perhaps you find yourself easily distracted, unable to maintain concentration for extended periods. If so, you’re not alone. Many people,…

Noisli Blog - Time blindness

Time blindness and ADHD


Have you ever found yourself losing track of time, missing appointments, or struggling to estimate how long tasks take? You might be experiencing a phenomenon known as time blindness. Many…

Noisli Blog - Short attention span

Short attention span: what it means and how you can improve it


Do you feel like you have a short attention span and can’t focus on one single thing for more than a few minutes? Our attention span seems to be dwindling…

Noisli Blog - The best chrome extensions for focus and productivity

The best chrome extensions for focus and productivity – 2023/2024


The Google Chrome browser is one of the most used browsers on the web with a great pool of useful chrome extensions to enhance your focus. Here’s a comprehensive list…

Noisli Blog - How to focus with adhd

How to focus with ADHD – 20 easy and actionable tips


There are many reasons on why you can’t focus and if you’re having ADHD things are oftentimes more difficult. Therefore, we make it short and to the point. Here is…

Noisli - Slow Productivity

What is slow productivity and how can you apply it?


After the slow food movement in the 1980s to fight the fast food culture, a new movement is on the horizon. A movement that is against hustle culture, busyness as…

Noisli - Types of neurodiversity

Types of neurodiversity: which ones exist and what do they mean

Productivity Wellbeing

What is Neurodiversity? Neurodiversity refers to all the different variations in the human brain. Each brain is different and so is its cognitive functioning. Since we are all different, our…