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Noisli is Starbuck’s Pick of the Week


We’re excited to announce that the Noisli iOS app got selected by Apple and Starbucks to be Starbucks’s Pick of the Week!!!
If you’re lucky and live in the US or Canada you can get a free Noisli app in the Starbucks stores.

Noisli is Starbucks PickOfTheWeek
Coffee Shops are a great place to work from if you are for example a freelancer or a student, since the background buzz keeps your brain active. The silence that you usually find in your home office or at the library is often distracting and not helping your motivation, drastically decreasing also your productivity.
Researchers confirm that a “moderate level of ambient noise” that you can typically find in a bustling cafe, on a river or at the seaside, is enhancing your creative thinking and boosting your productivity.

So, coffeeshops are great places to work from, but they might get also a little crowded and loud from time to time. You will experience the same if you have to work in an open office or in a co-working space.

We created Noisli because we were exactly in this kind of situation and we needed a tool that kept us motivated and let us be productive everywhere, obviously without missing out on our favourite coffee :)

– Your Noisli Team

Avatar photo Written by Sabine Staggl

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