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Shower thoughts: why you get your best ideas in the shower


Noisli Blog - Shower Thoughts

Great ideas come to us often outside our typical work environments and many people have a moment of clarity or get a brilliant idea while doing something completely random, like taking a shower. Those ideas that come to you in the shower are commonly known as “shower thoughts”.

This might seem very random but according to science, having a shower combines a few key ingredients to fuel your creative thoughts and problem solving skills.

The science behind shower thoughts

Shower thoughts are not random happenings; there’s actually science behind why our minds tend to generate ideas in the shower.

While having a shower, your mind enters a relaxed state that allows your brain to wander freely, also known as mind-wandering, leading to increased creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Research has also shown that the relaxing effect of warm water can promote divergent thinking, which is the ability to generate multiple solutions to a problem. This is an essential skill when it comes to creative thinking and coming up with innovative ideas.

The role of dopamine

Dopamine is a chemical that is associated with pleasure, motivation, and with learning. When you’re relaxed, and showering is for most of us a relaxing experience, your brain starts to release dopamine. This can enhance your mood and your cognitive function, fueling your creative thinking and making you more receptive to new ideas.

Reduced distractions

Your attention span is like a fishing line that loses the catch/idea if you get distracted. In order to come up with innovative ideas you need to have time for deep work where you can think for long stretches of time without distractions.

The bathroom or shower provides a pretty unique environment. Unlike other daily activities where you’re exposed to stimuli from your devices or other people, the shower offers a solitary and tranquil space where you can focus inwardly without any external distractions.

Avatar photo Written by Sabine Staggl

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