Noisli Blog - Mind wandering

Mind wandering – the benefits of letting your mind wander


Have you ever found yourself lost in thought, your mind meandering through a myriad of ideas and scenarios? It’s a common experience, one that often happens when we least expect…

Noisli Blog - what does serendipity mean

What does serendipity mean – its importance for creativity and innovation


Serendipity means to make an unexpected discovery or stumble upon a fortunate chance. In easy terms, serendipity means that an event happens or develops by chance in a happy or…

Noisli - Forst bathing

What is forest bathing and what are its benefits

Wellbeing Creativity

In our evolutionary history we have been deeply connected with nature but this bond started to crumble with the start of the industrial revolution. People started to move away from…

Noisli - What is flow

What is flow and how do you get into a flow state

Productivity Creativity

Flow, or flow state, is the mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the…

Noisli - Bruno Munari’s design methodology - 1

Bruno Munari’s design methodology – from problem to solution

Productivity Creativity

Bruno Munari (1907-1998) was one of the greatest Italian designers. He was also an artist and writer who greatly influenced the fields of visual (graphics, painting, sculpture) and non-visual expression…

Noisli - The Fishing Line Principle

Attention span: why your attention is like a fishing line

Productivity Creativity

What is the Fishing Line Principle The Fishing Line Principle is a productivity method with the main goal to help you hold your train of thought for as long as…

Noisli - Why is creativity important

Why is creativity important?


Creativity is not a skill that is reserved only to artists or designers. It is a skill that is useful to everybody no matter your profession or age. Developing and…

Noisli - Isaac Asimov and the key principles for creating an environment where creative ideas are born

Isaac Asimov on creativity and how ideas take shape


Back in 1959, the great american writer Isaac Asimov was asked to join a research project for the government together with a few other contractors, in order to come up…

Noisli - What is Creativity

What is Creativity?


Creativity is one of the most powerful and most valued skills out there, yet describing it is not so easy. When looking the word up in the dictionary you get…

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