Noisli for Education

We know how important it is to be able to focus on your studies and remain concentrated, not just in class, but also while doing your homework. We want to support students and teachers, and are happy to give a special discount on our yearly Noisli plan.

How Noisli can help you during your studies

Being a student is not easy. It requires a lot of discipline and motivation in order to achieve great results. Plus, being a student today is certainly much harder than it was in the past: study environments are cluttered with noise and distractions, be it the classroom, the library or at home.

It’s frustrating to sit in front of your homework and to not be able to enter, let alone to maintain, a state of concentration. The problem are always environments where it is either too quiet or too loud.
Think about a very quiet room in which you’re studying, but suddenly someone drops something on the floor or starts talking. The quiet environment lets the noise stand out. On the other side, if you’re in a too noisy environment, the level of noise is simply too high to let you reach a state of calm and focus.

In order to be able to focus and also maintain your concentration, it is important that you are in an environment which is very predictable in it’s noise level, without sudden spikes and interruptions, so to immerse yourself in whatever you need to do.

Our background noises are designed to drown out noises in order to help you enter and maintain this state of concentration, so you can study more efficiently without wasting your time and draining your energy.

We’re also aware that studying for long stretches of time can lead to exhaustion and burnout. With our Timer you can divide your work in blocks of time while also reminding you to take frequent breaks. This can help you to preserve and restore your energy and to maximise your focus for your study sessions.

How Noisli can help you and your students in class

Background noise helps to drown out noises in environments where it is either too quiet or too loud. If you stream a little bit of background noise through the class, it can help your students to maintain their focus more easily as noises by other classmates or from the outer environment will be less perceived. Teachers also love to use Noisli to create an inspiring environment for creative tasks of various types, such as writing and reading.

In order to use Noisli’s masking abilities at its best, we recommend to use Noisli in combination with headphones. This will also allow students to create an individual place of calm and focus within the classroom. It’s a great way to support various personality types to create a personalized environment and to help them find calm and peace during stressful situations or when trying to solve difficult problems on their own.

With our Timer, you can train students to stay concentrated in small blocks of time in order to be more efficient without draining too much energy. Moreover, frequent breaks allow students to recharge and enter the next session fresh and energized. The length of the Timer and the Breaks can be customized individually by each user.

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