Noisli for Work

“No matter where you are
working from,
once out of
focus, it takes you an average
25 minutes to fully focus again!”

Distractions are everywhere and most of the time you have very little control over them: a sound notification from your phone or computer, someone on a call next to you, people coming in and out, or a simple thought you’re having in your mind giving you no rest.

Moreover, different environments come with different forms of distractions, hence, depending on where you’re working from, you will have to deal with different challenges:

Home officeBeing at home lets you enjoy the calm and the distance from a bustling office. However, silence comes at a price.
When working in a too quiet environment every spike in noise is much more perceived than in an environment with a moderate background noise. Nothing is keeping your brain occupied, making you vulnerable to the slightest distraction. Too much silence makes it often difficult to think creatively or to motivate and inspire yourself to work.

The officeWithout doubt, the biggest issue for office workers is noise.
The constant general office noise, and constant interruptions by other colleagues talking will heavily mess with your concentration, and it will unnecessarily drain your energy that you could have otherwise used to stay focused and get your tasks done.

Co-Working spaceThis is a tricky one as it’s very unpredictable in it’s noise.
The environment is often a constant stream of people coming in and out, people talking on the phone or chatting nearby, and all of a sudden the whole room can get very loud, causing stress and making the whole place impossible to work from.

Coffee Shop or LibraryIn Coffee shops and libraries you never know who will be sitting next to you and when the place is going to get too crowded. It's a flow of people that come to hang out and enjoy their time not really caring about your productivity. Any loud noise or conversation can easily catch your attention and harm your productivity, making it difficult to stay in the flow.

The truth is, no matter where your work from, once out of focus, it takes you an average of 25 minutes to fully focus again!

So, how can you stay concentrated for prolonged periods of time? It’s important to find an environment that is not too quiet and not too loud, and without any spike in noise. Unfortunately, this place either does not exist or is very hard to access when you need it.

“Noisli allows you to create
own personalized environment
no matter where you are.”

Our sounds are thought and designed to mask other annoying noises so to let you create your own personalized place for calm and focus. Noisli allows you to create such an environment no matter where you are.

On top of that, there are several researches on the benefits of nature and certain types of sounds and their positive impact on your cognition, your creativity and your mental health.

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For Teams

We deeply believe that every person has different needs and should be able to work from whichever environment suits their needs.

One single office environment cannot accommodate all the different needs of your employees: some people prefer to work in groups whereas others prefer to work things out on their own. Sometimes people need a little bit of calm before they can come together and share their ideas. Some tasks require quiet and careful attention while others are more forgiving to or even require some noise and distractions. Some days people need to have a private space to work for prolonged stretches of hours without being interrupted, and other days people want to collaborate closely with their colleagues.

“Noisli can be highly customized by each
individual so to match their own needs”

We’ve created Noisli so that people can find their digital place for focus no matter where they are and when they need it. Noisli can be highly customized by each individual so to match their own needs and preferences.

You can purchase Noisli for the whole company, just for a dedicated Team or even for single people within your company.
Simply choose the option Business plan and select how many users you want to purchase Noisli for. You will have centralised billing and you’ll be able to add and change Team members at anytime.

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