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7 Main Factors Affecting Productivity


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We all know why productivity is important and the benefits it brings. But, what are the factors that affect our productivity at work?

Indeed, personal productivity is not just about how you manage your time and your tasks, but it’s also about how you feel and whether you put your body and mind in a condition of being productive. In fact, your ability to be productive depends on and is influenced by many different factors: sometimes such factors are quite obvious, sometimes they may be surprising.

7 Main Factors Affecting Productivity

As we will see below, productivity is very much linked to both our physical and our mental states, and being aware of what influences it will help us not only improve our productivity itself, but it will also help us improve our lifestyle and ultimately our general wellbeing.

1. Tools

Tools can make or break your productivity. In fact, while the wrong tools can easily thwart your whole productivity, the right tools can give you superpowers. Tools range from simple analog or digital helpers to whole productivity systems. Just keep in mind that everybody is different, and if something doesn’t work for you, don’t shy away from switching things up or trying something new.

2. Physical Environment

The physical work environment is where we spend most of our working time and is everything surrounding us while working. Hence, not surprisingly, the physical environment has a great influence on our productivity, and you should dedicate some time to get it right.
Choose the right furniture and incorporate enough plants, but also pay attention to proper lighting and temperature as well as make sure that your work environment shields you from any potential noise distraction.

3. Food

Your body and mind are like a machine, that you need to fuel and properly maintain so to keep it running smoothly. Therefore, it’s important that you stay well-hydrated and that you get the right type and the right amount of nutrients so that your brain and body can operate at their best. This is crucial for maintaining a constant and high energy level so as to stay productive throughout the whole day.

4. Rest and Exercise

One of the most overlooked aspects is the need for rest. Sleep, off-time, frequent breaks and even simply slowing down are crucial elements for a well maintained mind and body.
On the other hand, exercise is equally important, as it will—among other things—lift your mood and energise you, and this will in return help you to better focus and approach tasks with a clear mind.

5. Motivation

Fact is, if you don’t like what you do, it is very difficult to be productive. Indeed, being motivated and highly engaged in what you do, knowing the why of what you’re doing and believing in the goal you’re trying to achieve is fundamental. It’s also important that the goal you’re trying to achieve is realistic and achievable, that you are challenged enough, but at the same time that you can make progress and feel rewarded for what you do.

6. Work atmosphere

Besides the sheer physical environment, also the general atmosphere you work in plays a major role. In fact, to truly thrive, it’s important to find a work culture where you feel represented and safe, and that you surround yourself with supportive colleagues that can inspire and motivate you. A great work atmosphere will energize you and enable you to do your best work.

7. State of mind

Lastly, your mental well being is crucial to any form of productivity, and as you do for your body, you also need to take care of your mental well being. Listen closely to your feelings, to what and who makes you feel down or happy, and to what gives you purpose. Build valuable social connections and foster positive thoughts.

Avatar photo Written by Stefano Merlo

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