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The biggest productivity challenges


Noisli - The biggest productivity challenges

Besides all the different factors that can influence your productivity, there are some basic challenges we all have to overcome when it comes to productivity.

In fact, when trying to increase your productivity, in one way or another we all have to face the same challenges. But it’s only when you are aware of those productivity challenges that you are also able to act upon and overcome them.

Here are the biggest productivity challenges:

Changing your habits

In order to achieve something, change is often key. When you try to be more productive, it often means to stop doing something you did up until now, or doing something completely new. In either case, it will require you to change your routine and how you do things so to turn this new way of doing into a habit.

When you are trying to get rid of a bad habit, you need to consider the triggers which usually initiate the bad habit. Find those triggers and counteract them with a different positive behaviour.
For any new habit that you want to adopt you will need to have some cues, which will help to remind yourself of the new habit and help you to take action.


Dealing with distractions is one of the biggest challenges we all have to face on a daily basis. Most of the time, the way we work, where we work from and the tools we use, are actually the cause of why we’re getting distracted in the first place.
Therefore, you need to learn to recognise those distractions in order to eliminate them. Keep in mind that distractions are not just coming from your external environment but they are also happening internally in your mind.

Things that are out of your control

No matter how much you plan, there will always be situations that are unforeseen and that you simply can’t plan for. Although you can not influence those things directly, you can decide how you react to them. Find a workaround and try to get the best out of an unexpected situation without letting those things influence you too much.

Your mindset

Lastly, you will also need to battle with yourself, or better with your mind. There will be times where you will try to find all the possible excuses, times where you can’t motivate yourself, times where you will question everything and everybody and where you simply want to quit.
Adopt a growth mindset, so you can learn, iterate and adapt to new situations. This will allow you to push through difficult times and overcome them. Just keep going and don’t give up!

Avatar photo Written by Sabine Staggl

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